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The Get Your Stuff Together Collection

My Business Life How To Back Up Your Photos, Videos and Music

A whole collection of books dedicated to getting you, your family and the people you love organized and ready for nearly anything.  From our newest book/program The Backup Plan 3.0 to pour one-subject Action Books, The Get Your Stuff Together Collection is filled with little reference books that need to be on every family’s book shelf.     Go to our product page to check out the entire collection.   And don’t forget we have bulk discounts and customization available for all of our books.  They make great gifts and value added corporate giveaway items too!

Introducing The Backup Plan 3.0


Quick and easy steps you can take right now, to keep everything that’s important to you, safe, sound and accessible.  Each section covers a different area, from family photos, vital documents and music, to videos, computer files, family history and recipes.  Just download the Backup Plan Forms Grab It & Go Forms and Action Plans (included), complete them and save them to your computer or use the ones right inside the book and you’ll be ready to deal with emergencies small (a broken arm) or large (Superstorm Sandy).  $29.95

Includes Seven Free Bonuses

With this book you’ll receive downloadable digital copies of My Business Life (book & forms), My Social Life (book & forms), Our Cool Tools Guide, Secrets From The Experts, The ICE My Phone Kit,  Photo Finish and copies of our cutting edge Backup Plan Action Forms and Family Action Plans which you can complete on your computer or right inside the book.

Introducing The Backup Plan 3.0

What’s Included With The Backup Plan 3.0?

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