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What Are Others Saying About Get Your Stuff Together....

“This book is the all-inclusive cookbook for the recipe of personal responsibility and emergency preparedness.  It contains pages of ideas and implantable solutions that will save lives and anguish.  I've trained, lived and taught emergency preparedness for the last thirty-eight years and I learned from this book!   Get Your Stuff Together is over 200 pages of common sense, that will bring calm to the storm of life.  Job well done.”

Michael F. Staley, Public Health Advisor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


“If you only read one book this year or in a lifetime read this one. This book will profoundly change the way you protect yourself and your family.

Mark V. Cerney, President/Founder Next of Kin Registry (NOKR)

“With the unusual number of disasters in the US and around the world the last few years, this book should be in every home in America.  The worst part about the loss so many families have experienced, is that so much of it could have been so easily prevented, with the simple steps found throughout Get Your Stuff Together.”  

Sara Feigenholtz, State Representative, Illinois General Assembly

“Get Your Stuff Together is an amazing volume that provides a clear roadmap for gathering and organizing vital information. The book offers logical and specific resources about how to prepare for or cope with emergencies - including step-by-step instructions and comprehensive forms that consider every detail. The book is a lifesaver for avoiding or coping with disasters big or small.”

Christine Zrinsky, Vice President for Development, Lincoln Park Zoo

“Impacted by a personal family tragedy, Laura & Janet Greenwald set off to take a stand for families and make a negative circumstance into a very positive one, many times over.  Buy Get Your Stuff Together for your family or as a gift for your loved ones. It just takes one afternoon to get you and your family fully prepared.  Buying this book and taking simple action now can seriously save lives, heartache down the road and keep you from saying, ‘Oh, if only we had taken the time to get the family prepared.’”

Brian Ouellette, President & Founder Pro Athlete Direct and Shoewallet Active Gear

“Get Your Stuff Together is an amazing wealth of information, and a “must have”, “must follow” book. The direct way that Janet and Laura present the material makes it easy to grasp the value of the topic. But what's really neat is the way they've folded in real life stories which bring all the guidance down to me personally. I also like the stories about companies I’m familiar with and how they approach Emergency Management.”

Ric Skinner, Owner/Consultant at The Stoneybrook Group