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The Get Your Stuff Together Collection:  The Perfect Value Add Benefit  For Your Employees                    

No one will ever forget Superstorm Sandy.  Beautiful, bustling, communities in New York & New Jersey transformed into flooded, muddy squalor in less than 24 hours.   Thousands of families were left in its wake, with no idea where to go and what to do next.

If your city is hit by a hurricane, tornado or an earthquake, it isn’t just your company that will be affected.  So will your employees.    In fact, the recovery of your company may very well rely on their resilience.   If your employees homes and families aren’t safe and sound after a disaster, they won’t be able to come to work and help your company recover.

So what about your employees?  If another storm like Sandy struck their neighborhoods, would they be ready?  From what Sandy taught us, the answer is a resounding NO.  

The good news is, there is a quick, easy way that you can change that.  How?  With the Action Books from the Get Your Stuff Together Collection.

All of our books can be ordered in bulk at discount pricing.  Customization also available.

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Toss This Book In Your Emergency Bin Ready In 10 Keep This Book In Your iPhone

The Action Books are short, easy to read, easy to use workbooks.  After one afternoon with “Ready In 10”, “Toss This Book In Your Emergency Bin” or “Keep This Book In Your iPhone,” your employees – even those who are totally unprepared for a disaster – will know how to grab everything they need -- necessities, keepsakes, vital information -- and evacuate their home in less than ten minutes.  And using our emergency action plans, once the disaster is over, they'll know exactly how to get back to living their normal lives, as quickly and easily as possible.   

It’s the low-cost employee benefit that keeps on giving!   

Thanks to our publisher, we’re able to offer significant bulk discounts on orders of 20-5000 copies.  See our bulk discount page for prices and discount codes.  For discounts on orders over 5000, email us at webmaster1 at   

You can also purchase customized editions featuring your company or organization’s logo along with your information pages inside the book.   Whether plain or customized, our Action Books make an amazing high-value, low-cost benefit that demonstrates to your employees how much you care for them.  Not just another key chain or calendar that will be tossed into a drawer never to be seen again, these books will be used and appreciated year after year.