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Introducing The Backup Plan Resource Library...

An online resource library of 5 titles that help keep employees happy, healthy and organized.

The books are designed to reduce absentee days by giving employees fun, actionable tools to help them deal with life's little (and not so little) emergencies, before they happen. Everything from computer meltdowns and family medical emergencies to Superstorm Sandy.  

The Titles Include

  • The Backup Plan 3.0
  • The ICE My Phone Kit
  • How To Organize Your Digital Life
  • How To Back Up Your Photos, Videos and Music
  • Ready In 10

Here's How It Works

All five books in the library come in both a Downloadable PDF Edition and a Print edition.

They're Customizable...

Which means that we can put your company or organization's logo on the cover, drop in a foreword written by you and add any other information that you want to include inside the pages of the books.

For example, articles, customer service numbers or information about new products or benefits, that you want to share with your employees or customers.   Then give them a link to your "edition" of the books online where they can download the PDFs or purchase the Print Editions.

Your employees or customers can download an unlimited amount of the PDF Editions of the book free of charge.

Or, even better, they can purchase an unlimited amount of Print Editions at a discount rate.  

Why Is That Better?  

Because you'll receive 10% of the profits on the sale of every one of your Print Editions.

You get your message and information about your products – not to mention a life-saving resource – out to the people who need it, while earning a percentage of the profits from every sale.

Want to use your Print Editions of the books as marketing giveaways, thank you gifts or to keep your own employees safe?

Of course!  In fact, you can purchase them at a substantially discounted rate.

Even though the books make a valuable low-cost, high-value employee benefit (and great addition to any EAP, ACA or Payroll program) they're perfect for any type of business or organization.

How Do You Get Started?  

Just send us an email and we’ll have you up and running as quickly as possible.

Laura Greenwald & Jan Greenwald, Stuf Productions

And You Get All Of This At One Low Price, For An Entire Year!