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Now available on for only $12.95

My Business Life                                   $12.95

If you’re an entrepreneur, you already know what it takes to run a successful business.  

You think nothing of having to wear twenty or thirty hats at once and the amount of information you have to keep in your head, especially if your business is Internet-based, is astounding.  But what happens if you want to enjoy your success.  Let’s say you want to just take off and go to Maui for two weeks.  Or what if you can’t run your business for a few weeks due to injury or illness?  If all of that information that you use to run your business on a daily business is in your head, or worse, scrawled on little post it notes stuck all over your desk and floor, how is anyone going to step in and run things for you while you’re gone?  

Do you have all of that information in a place where your partner or colleague can step in and seamlessly take over?  Now you do!  With My Business Life, you’ll have a place to record all of the information that it takes to keep your business running.  Just in case you finally decide to take that vacation!

Grab It And Go Forms

With this book you'll not only receive all of the Grab It And Go Business Information Forms you need right in your book, you’ll also receive free downloadable digital copies of of the forms that you can complete and save right on your computer via Microsoft Word.  They include:  Business Email Addresses, Websites, Shopping Cart Management Accounts, Contractors/Virtual Assistants, Business Structure, Financial Information, Office Rental Information, Social Media  and more.

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All of our books can be ordered in bulk at discount pricing.  Customization also available.

If this is YOUR business recovery plan, it’s definitely time to get My Business Life.