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Take This Book To Your Parent’s House

No one will ever forget the footage from Superstorm Sandy of family after family searching through the wreckage of their homes for their keepsakes, only to find their most cherished pictures and videos completely ruined.  One woman, sobbing, clutched her mother’s wedding photo to her chest, as she told the newsperson that it was the only copy she had.  Couples who should have been enjoying their retirement, are now trying to figure out what they will do and where they will go from here.  

Don’t let this tragedy happen to YOUR parents.  In this book you’ll learn how to help them back up their photos, videos, vinyl albums & address books, how to record and safeguard their vital information, medical history and vital documents.  And, using the Action Plans that are included with the book, you’ll be able to create an evacuation plan and a plan to help them get back to life as quickly and easily as possible if emergency strikes.

Grab It And Go Forms and Action Plans

With this book you'll not only receive all of the forms and action plans you need right in your book, you’ll also receive free downloadable digital copies of Grab It And Go Forms and Family Action Plans that you can complete and save right on your computer via Microsoft Word.  They include:  Vital Documents and Information, Medical History, Evacuation Plan, Get Back To Life Plan and Emergency Wallet Cards.

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A woman searching for her photos after Superstorm Sandy.