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Now available on for only $12.95

My Social Life


If you’re like most people, you either know your Facebook, YouTube and email passwords by heart or you use them so much your computer simply logs you in automatically.  But what if you were away from home – or worse in the middle of an evacuation without your computer or cellphone?  Would you remember every single log on if you’ve only got a few minutes to locate your loved ones?  Or what if you were ill and needed your spouse or best friend to get in touch with everyone you know?  Would they be able to log on in your behalf?  

That’s exactly what My Social Life is all about.   This book gives you a place to record all of your social media accounts, passwords and even emergency instructions right in the book or on our free digital downloadable forms, putting your social life exactly where it belongs – at your fingertips.   $12.95

Grab It And Go Forms and Action Plans

With this book you'll not only receive all of the Social Media Password/Account Name Forms and our unique Social Media Will right in the book, but you’ll also receive free downloadable digital copies of the Forms that you can complete and save right on your computer via Microsoft Word.

All of our books can be ordered in bulk at discount pricing.  Customization also available.

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If this is YOUR social media password recovery plan, it’s definitely time to get My Social Life!